FAQ: Ultimate Guide to Tolstoy Comments

Last updated: 4 February 2020

1. General questions

1.1 Do you have comment indexation in Tolstoy Comments?
At WordPress, it will work by default if the widget was installed by the indexation plugin. In other cases you need to do some manipulations with API. As any external comment system, Tolstoy Comments works through iframe, that’s why for the search engine indexation you need first to save the comments from the widget to your local database and render them on HTML-pages. Read detailed instruction how to do it right here. We consult in the comments there.
1.2 How to make a comment counter?

If you use WordPress plugin, the comment counter will work since the moment of its installation from the store. In other cases you need to use a special api component.

1.3 Is it possible to form titles not from the page’s Title?

Yes, it’s possible. Use the title parameter. You can output any constant value or, for example, data from H1, to the chat title.

By default data for p.2 and p.3 are taken from the title of the page p.1


1.4 Can I install it to Tilda?

Sure you can. You need to be at fee-based Tilda tariff. In the website builder add a new block (p.1) to the place where you would like to see our comments. In the very end of the left column choose block type — «Other — html-code» (p.2) and insert the code from the Tolstoy Comments administration panel.

1.5 What about spam?

We have a secret integral anti-spam defence. Plus you can use a list of stop-phrases (it is off by default). To turn it on choose «Stop-words», «Stop-phrases» in the Management section of the administration panel. You can edit and enlarge the list with links and advert expressions by your discretion (by the way, here is a nice set-list). Comments with stop-phrases will be automatically sent to premoderation. Read more.

NB Some spammers are the best minds of the mankind, so the war with advert of wonders for virility has no end. Don’t hesitate to write to our support with any case, we’ll fight with spam together.

1.6 Do you have editable anti-obscenities dictionaries?

Yes we do. To turn it on please go to «Stop-words» in the Management section of the administration panel. It is empty by default. You can fiil it by your preference. By the way, here is a nice set-list to begin with. Comments with stop-words will be automatically sent to premoderation. Read more.

1.8 What will happen to comments when we stop paying for the widget?

When the license is not paid you can’t moderate comments or change site settings anymore. Thus if somebody write something offensive or obscene at your site you won’t be able to edit or delete this message. The comments themselves won’t disappear and your users can continue using the widget. You can export comments from Tolstoy Comments only when any fee-based tariff is on.

1.9 Desktop and mobile versions of my website have different URL. How can I sync comments between them?

To do it you need to have comment linkage by Identity. Read more in our api at GitHub.

1.10 Why just 100 comments are imported from hypercomments (cackle, disqus)?

You need to pay any tariff to remove this restriction.

1.11 I’ve changed title at the site. How can I edit it in the widget?

The title inside the widget is created once — with the first comment. To edit it please follow to the Chats section (p.1) of the Tolstoy Comments administration panel. Click to edit (p.2).

1.12 How can I sort themes in the left column (widget format: comments inside the frame)?

The sorting principle of the titles in the left column of chats is the following. If the user is not logged in the widget, they are sorted by the last comment date.

If the user is logged in, chats are sorted by the following principle:

  1. Red notifications mean that there are new comments in the chats you’ve written a comment before.
  2. Grey notifications mean that there are new comments in the chats you’ve looked through before.
  3. Then there are chats with the latest comments sorted by time of their appearance.
1.13 The link to social media in the user’s profile doesn’t open.

As of February 2020, the situation is the following. Link to Facebook profile will open only if the user is in your friend list — that’s the policy of this social media. Otherwise the page will open with an error.

A similar error can happen with profiles registered via Google. If the user has a profile at Google.plus, the link will open. If he or she doesn’t have one, an error “Link to profile not found” will appear.

1.14 How can I connect users verification by SMS?

To connect users verification by SMS buy the PRO tariff and send a request to help@tolstoycomments.com

1.15 How can I free widget of all Tolstoy Comments logos?

To make it you need just to buy the PRO tariff. In the Management section there will appear a possibility to turn on a White-label function. It is responsible for our copyrights.

1.16 Can’t export comments from Disqus (hypercomments, cackle)?

You should import comments of a thirdparty comment system from its xml file. In case with Disqus you need to unzip an export gz-file. If the problem still exists, please write to help@tolstoycomments.com and send us a link to download an export file.

1.17 Why don’t I see your widget at the page? Was it blocked by AdBlock?

No, unless you’ve blocked it yourself. If you still can’t see widget at the page, please read the next advice.

1.18 Widget doesn’t display at the page.
  1. If you use WordPress, maybe one of the installed plugins, the cash-optimizers blocks Tolstoy Comments. To make sure find your website id in the Code section of the Tolstoy Comments administration panel and copy it. Try to find it in the source code (ctrl+U) at the page where the widget doesn’t display. If you didn’t find the id there, then the problem is connected with the installed plugins. In most cases you can add our script to the list of exceptions, or you can turn off the JS optimization at all.
  2. Probably your browser bans other websites to save and read cookie data. (Yes, it happens sometimes). The instruction for Google Chrome follows. Go to «Settings» — «Privacy and security» — «Site Settings» — «Cookies and site data» and make sure the «Allow sites to save and read cookie data» is on.

1.19 How is the moderation of comments organized?

It seems to be organized in a quite simple way, but still we’ve made a whole post about it. Here are highlights:

  1. Every new comments at the site is sent to the section «Unread». There a moderator can approve, delete or edit it. And via the context menu it is possible to ban user or to send all his or her new comments to premoderation.
  2. The section «Premoderation» collects all the comments from users, which were chosen for premoderation, and all the messages, that contain stop-words or that were indentified by Tolstoy Comments as spam. If the global premoderation mode is on all new comments will be also sent to this section. Do not forget to look them through.
  3. The section «All comments» collects all the comments without exceptions (oh really?!).

Depending on their status they are marked by different colors. Pale turquoise (p.1) — the comment is published but has not been checked by the moderator yet. Grey (p.2) — the comment is not visible at the site (deleted / identified as spam / written by user in premoderation mode), it is waiting for the moderator approval. Deep turquoise (p.3) — the comment is published and has been already approved by the moderator.

The user can’t edit comments approved by the moderator regardless global site settings.

This is made of the same safety considerations (defence from spam and obsceneties). However the user has right to delete his or her message, approved by the moderator (if the site settings let him or her do it, of course).

A nice bonus. The administrators can moderate (edit / delete) messages at the site directly, without visiting the administration panel.

And here is more information about how to add extra moderators.

1.20 Can I add more moderators?

Yes you can. But only if you are at the PRO tariff. There are two kinds of moderators in Tolstoy Comments: public (without access to the administration panel) and regular (with limited access to the administration panel and ability to ban users).

Read in our blog about what is the difference between public and regular commentators, other pitfalls and how not to screw up when the moderators start banning all your community.

You can add more moderators via the Users section of the administration panel (p.1). Of course the user who is intended to become a moderator, should be registered in the widget. Find him or her in this list, click three dots and choose «User’s capacities». Appoint the needed capacity and do not forget to save changes (p.3).


1.21 Where are emojis, Billy?

We believe that it’s rather strange to make an integral emoji pack in 2020. Hundreds of new emojis appear with every iOS and Android update. We can’t keep pace with these renewal rates. Let us remind you that you can add an emoji by pressing win + . (dot) on Windows. On Mac use Control+Command+Space. Hope you know how to do it on smartphones. 🤪

2. The look and feel

2.1 How to change the color theme of the widget and of its elements?

In the settings of the administration panel you can choose only general color theme. To specify certain colors you need to use theme parameter in the code. You can specify certain colors for the following elements:

/// javascript
function CreateTheme(color) { // color: 0-360 number
return {
colorBlack: "#000",
colorWrite: "#fff",
colorLink: `hsl(${color}, 44%, 52%)`,
colorLinkHover: `hsl(${color}, 44%, 40%)`,
colorLinkNoActive: `hsl(${color}, 26%, 36%)`,
colorLinkDark: `hsl(${color}, 44%, 76%)`,
colorCommentBgDefault: `hsl(${color}, 44%, 93%)`,
colorCommentSelect: `hsl(${color}, 43%, 85%)`,
colorCommentFocus: `hsl(${color}, 42%, 72%`,
colorBrend: `hsl(${color}, 45%, 71%)`,
colorRed: "#ef4c47"
2.2 How to limit the maximum width of the widget on desktop?
If the format "Classic look of comments" or "Comments inside frame" is chosen in the administration panel, the widget will have adaptive design and will always occupy 100% of the given width. You can specify the maximum width of the widget on desktop wrapping its code in <div> with certain sizes.
For example, <div class="tolstoycomments-feed" style="max-width:800px; margin: 0 auto;"></div>
If the format "Load widget in separate window" is chosen, you can specify certain sizes in the administration panel directly.
2.3 How to change the maximum height of the widget?

If the format «Comments inside frame» is chosen, the widget automatically adapts to the screen height (occupies 70%). Its minimun height is 550px, maximum — 800px.

2.4 How to change a certain phrase, wording inside the widget interface?

You can do it at the PRO tariff. You just need to write a message to our support (help@tolstoycomments.com).

2.5 Posts at my site are in endless scroll. Is it possible to load a new chat at every new page?

Sure it’s possible. You can see an example right here.

2.6 How to change font inside the widget?

Sorry, but now it’s not possible. We are going to realize this option asap.

2.7 How to call the widget on desktop by click instead of autoloading at the page?

You can see an example right here. Give a look in the source code.

3. Currently under realization

3.1 When will the comment sorting be availiable?

We expect the comment sorting and nesting appear in May 2020.

3.2 How to turn on the comment nesting?

In the same way as the comment sorting: wait until May 2020 and turn it on.

3.3 Will a free version appear?

No 🤪

3.4 When will you make comments for Turbo and amp-pages?

We are going to do it in June 2020.

3.5 Are you going to translate in languages other than Russian and English?

Yes we are. To force the launch of any language you are interested in it’s enough to pay the Enterprise tariff and write a request to help@tolstoycomments.com

3.6 I want to have my own award pack.

You can upload your personal award pack only in the Enterprise tariff. If you want to learn more about conditions of preparation of graphic files and descriptions for them please write to help@tolstoycomments.com

3.7 Is it possible to turn off award service?

Sorry, but now it’s not possible. This function will be availiable in July 2020.

3.8 I want to have notifications about new comments in Telegram.

We also want it. And we plan to make it possible in July 2020.

3.9 Is it possible to anchor messages on the top? Or chats in the list of chats?

Now it’s not possible. We plan to make it possible in August 2020.

3.10 Will comments’ formatting appear?

Well, maybe.

3.11 Whether the import of comments from WordPress to TC and vice versa is provided?

As of February 2020, the import is possible only from our system to WordPress. When deleting our widget the comments wrtitten in it will automatically go to the WordPress database.

The import of comments from WordPress to the TC widget will be possible since April 2020.

4. Accountancy (docflow)

4.1 What variants of paying the service do you have for legal entities? Do you provide with bills, contracts, closing documents? Do you have an electronic document flow?

Bills, acts, closing docs, invoices — we have them all. We are so reliable that we even have an electronic docflow (Diadok). To request any document write to help@tolstoycomments.com.

5. Prices and tariffs

5.1 What’s the difference between the tariffs?

Main distinctions of the Pro tariff (40$) from the Basic one (10$):

  1. White-label or possibility to free the widget of our copyrights and logos.
  2. Priority support. (You will have a personal manager).
  3. Monetization of comments. You will be able to put you banner system code into the widget.
  4. SSO or single entry. If your website has already a registration system, than the logged in users will be able to write comments without an additional registration.
  5. Badges customization — a possibility to upload your graphics and text descriptions for awards.
  6. Linking up to 3 sites under one tariff.

5.2 What does the Enterprise tariff include?

All the options of the PRO tariff. Plus we help you to build a live community of loyal users in manual mode. Such cooperation supposes:

  1. Technical arrangement of the site. Disposition of new entry points to start communication, indication of importance of commenting and commentators.
  2. Work with editorial staff. Consulting and creation of content plan to work with community.
5.3 I don’t want to deal with API. Do you have people who can do it for me (widgets, comment counters, buttons, indexation, SSO)?

We have such service at the Enterprise tariff. Please connect to our support (help@tolstoycomments.com).

5.4 Do you consider subdomains as different websites?

No, we don’t. But only in case when all the subdomains have the same comment widget. If the subdomains are supposed to have separate widgets, they are considered as different websites.

5.5 I want a discount.

Wait till Black Friday or Bloody Thursday 🙂

5.6 Our project is non-commercial and we want to have your widget for free.

Send links to your projects to help@tolstoycomments.com. We review every application in an individual way.

5.7 Do you have an affiliate program?

Of course! In the Affiliate program section of the administration panel you’ll find a referral link, which you should send to your friend or share on Facebook. If somebody register via this link and pay license, we’ll return you 20% from this payment*.

*Some pitfalls:

  1. If you helped us to find more than 10 paying clients, you can count on rising of the rate. 25% is our extreme rate!
  2. You will get your rate for every payment of a new client within 6 months. It means that you’ll get 1100₽ for every partner at the Basic tariff and 4500₽ for every partner at the Pro tariff.
  3. The withdrawal is made within one month after reaching the bonus threshold of 1000₽.
  4. As soon as you reach the threshold, send your Webmoney details to help@tolstoycomments.com.
5.8 Do you have a lifetime license?

Yes, to get it you need to pay three years of the tariff you are interested in.

6. Questions of community members

6.1 I want some privacy: to be able to hide my social media, history of commenting.

We are going to make privacy settings in 2020.

6.2 Messages are sent by ENTER. How can I start a new paragraph then?

You can start a new paragraph using a key combination ctrl+enter. Or you can change a key combination to send a message in the settings of the TC profile.

6.3 How can I delete my profile?

Sorry, but you can’t do it now. We are going to add this possibility in 2020.

6.5 I can’t write a comment at the website. It says I was banned. What should I do?

You should contact the administraion of the site which banned you from commenting. Tolstoy Comments has nothing to do with moderation rules of each separate site.

6.6 Why can’t I edit/delete my comments?

Probably the site administrator banned editing/deleting of comments or limited time when a user can edit or delete his or her comments. By default you can edit your comments within 10 minutes after publishing, and there is no limit time for deleting messages.

6.7 Why can’t I upload a gif-file?

Probably you’ve exceeded the maximum possible size of a gif-file — 16 Mb.